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artist ilya filatov художник илья филатов

He continued to look for new facets of his talent after graduating from art school of Komsomolsk-on-Amur. With the development of computer technology he gets the opportunity to realize his ideas with the help of various programs - Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. He starts education at the Faculty of Design in the Amur State University of Humanities and Pedagogy. Then he goes to Moscow. But he decides that he can live and work in St. Petersburg only the one year later. Studying in Saint-Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design is making significant his advances of computer graphics. But he feels acutely the need to realize his ideas with the help of paints. It seems to returning to the beginning of the path in order to find the natural beauty of the color and enjoy his expression.

Ilya suspends deliberately his work in the field of graphic design. He needs to achieve the realization of his ideas with the help of oil painting. The color is in the concept of his creativity and conveys his mood and emotions beganing to play a crucial role in the embodiment of the author's ideas and inner vision of the artist.

The basis of his individual artistic style is courage in mixing colors and combining colors partly similar to french impressionism. The artist imposes colorful layers on the canvas using a broad brushstroke step by step. The brush has ceased to be its main tool, it was replaced by a spatula and palette-knife which according to the author gives additional power and volume to the image.

Ilya was fond of the female image in art from his youth. He came to his own vision by studying and rethinking this image on the canvases of great masters. The female image has become dominant in the works of the artist after for some time and conveys the entire rich palette of his art ideas. This sensual and elegant symbolism of the female image is the very essence of the works of Ilya Filatov.


In 2017 He presented to the public a permanent exhibition “PATH OF AETHER”.
This is series of works created specifically for the literary and restaurant complex “SYMPOSIUM”, cluster of “BRAIN GAMES”, St. Petersburg. At the heart of the series of works is an appeal to the mythological worldview of the ancient Greeks - those for whom Aether was the region of the heavenly, the seat of gods and heroes. This subtle, ethereal, subtle matter of being - the quivering sky of heaven - brings together the incredibly expressive artwork of this series. Ilya Filatov brings the viewer into the atmosphere of the world of sensual images created by him: their fluidity, deliberate vagueness is combined in the series with the inner tension of the plots and their refinement and airiness paradoxically create a charge of emotional tension and passion.

In 2018, the intellectual cluster of the "BRAIN GAMES" presented the personal exhibition of the artist "ALIVE".

The exhibition "ALIVE" has collected works of oil painting created in the period of rethinking experienced by the author. The works of the series flowing from one image to another will combine separately taken feelings/emotions into a single whole, into something “alive”, that affects everyone. Ilya deals intuitively with the problematics of life and what happens to a person in different periods of his life. The task of the author is to engage the viewer in the awareness of this topic. The artist snatching out the main and creates sensual images by working with sensations, feelings and perceptions of the world. This transformation into art leads to the appearance of elements of abstraction, revealing the inner world of the author.


email:  lebelier35@gmail.com


Filatov Ilya Sergeevich

Russian artist was born April 5, 1992 in the city of Komsomolsk-on-Amur,

the Far East.

His painting talent was awakened early. Ilya owned a brush by the age of ten already and created perfect works by gouache and watercolor. Art school teachers predicted the future of an artist who could leave a bright mark on art.

Ilya got carried away with graphics as drawing skills improve.

His works received recognition at regional competitions (“New names of the Khabarovsk Territory” etc.) where he became a laureate and won prizes.